Starting this months newsletter off with some gift ideas for this Holiday season!

Our studio also offers Gift Certificates!  They are good towards Piercings, Tattoos, & Deposits on Appointments!


Great way to give a gift to that special someone that loves tattoos & piercings!

(Gift certificates are non transferable or refundable, valid one full year from the purchase date).


We regret to inform our clients that as of January 1, 2018, we are going to be charging for all card transactions (no exceptions).  This fee will be a percentage of the total amount, and we are currently renegotiating our rates with our processing company to make this as minimal as possible.  We are even considering switching companies, if it means saving money for our clients.

This has come after nearly 2 years of consideration.  This is obviously something that we held off for as long as possible.  Everyone who has ever been to our studio knows that we do our very best to make your experience with us as fun and convenient as possible, without sacrificing quality or professionalism!  So this was a very hard decision for us to make.

The only other course of action would be to raise our prices to include the fees that we are charged by the bank and credit card companies to process payments.  So, to avoid this effecting every person and every transaction, all of our prices are staying the same, and it won't effect those that pay with cash.  So, to clarify, the fee is ONLY for card transactions.  It does NOT effect cash transactions whatsoever.

If you have any questions about this matter, please feel free to give our Studio Manager, Codi, a call anytime during business hours to discuss your questions or concerns.  Again, this was not an easy decision, but it was a necessary one in order to keep our prices the same.  We hope that all of our clients and friends understand that we did our best to hold this off for as long as possible and can see that we are doing our very best to minimize this fee!

We have plenty of Men's and Women's T-shirts in stock available here at the studio.  We also offer shipping for those of you out of state.

For those of you with stretched earlobes, we carry All Natural, high quality plugs in a variety of sizes & styles by Evolve Body Modification in Seattle Washington!


Our full line of all Natural Aftercare Products for both Tattoos & Piercings!  Including Tattoo Therapy with Emu Oil and Aloe or Pure Emu Oil.  As well as NeilMed saline wound wash.

Last but not least!  Our Dr. Numb cream for those that would rather take the edge off a little.  Plenty in stock at the time but, as always in high demand!  Don't forget to pick yours up before the Holidays are over for your next session.

Tattoo by Chris DeLauder on inner forearm.  Custom Design in Memory of his Father.  Completed in one session.

To see more work by Chris

Tattoo by Ian Tadashi
Work in Progress on thigh piece

To see more work by Ian

Tattoo by Emily Graven

Custom design of Fox

To see more work by Emily

Tattoo by Curtis Adams

Custom Design on full back

To see more work by Curtis

Tattoo by Lisa DeLauder

Custom Gas Mask design covering two existing tattoos on the hand.  Completed in one day session.

Image below showing with reference.

To see more work by Lisa

Send link or portfolio images to for approval.

Contact Codi at 302-730-3022


* 3 or more years of experience in a professional tattoo studio.


* Certification in the Prevention of Disease Transmission / Blood Borne Pathogens training.


* Proper coverage of all equipment & surfaces in work areas.  (Including machines)


* Great personality, works well with others!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Month!
Last minute openings always happen closer to the Holidays.  If you would like to go on a call list for last minute openings please call 302-730-3022.

We will be in touch again in 2018!