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Greetings Everyone!     
We are really looking forward to 2018.  All of our artists are in high demand so be sure to set up your consult soon.  Tax time is upon us, the busy season is about to kick into high gear!

This month is for Lovers with many clients wanting Couples Tattoos & Piercings!  Be sure to call ahead for Valentines day while limited spaces are open on our schedule that week.


Tattoo Mafia recently invested in new computers!  

Over this past year both Chris & Lisa’s computers have been slowing down.  Many hours of designing artwork, editing photos and video for the entire studio took a toll on their old laptops. 

The new IMac Pro is the best on the market, made for digital graphics and video.   This purchase will take our artwork, advertising including video to a whole new level.

Tattoo Mafia is a studio owned by artists with 20+ years experience tattooing.  In business since 2004, This location is designed for professional artists.  

All employees here are promoted routinely through social media.  We have a full staff to handle scheduling for each artist to allow your clients to get the best service possible.  

Studio supplies are kept in stock, using the best the industry has to offer.   We are also willing to stock items based on each artist preference. 

Cleanliness and proper procedures are very important with each new hire.  All employees certifications through the Red Cross are covered by the business.   We hire a Red Cross instructor to visit annually to update everyone at the same time.

Visiting our area?  We have an open booth year round!

Send link or portfolio images to tattoomafia@ymail.com for approval. 

Contact Codi at 302-730-3022 


* 3 or more years of experience in a professional tattoo studio. 


* Certification in the Prevention of Disease Transmission / Blood Borne Pathogens training. 


* Proper coverage of all equipment & surfaces in work areas.  (Including machines) 


* Great personality, works well with others!



Emily Graven has now been tattooing full time for one year! Having started here at Tattoo Mafia in October of 2015. Emily served an full time apprenticeship directly under Senior Artist and Studio Owner, Chris DeLauder. With Chris having started in 1995, she's had the opportunity to learn under a true master in the art of tattooing. Her apprenticeship consisted of training through the Red Cross in BBP, First Aid and CPR. Including the proper coverage of everything in the work area. Proper set up and break down of work areas. Cleaning and sterilization using hospital standards. Next she was trained in all styles of tattoo art including traditional, new school, fine line and realism in both color and black and gray. She was required to produce multiple flash sheets of custom artwork each week to be reviewed and critiqued by the entire studio staff. This curriculum is rigorous, intense, and through. Once her work on paper was up to par, she was trained in digital art & graphics as well as using a professional camera set up for before and after images of her work. She was also required to learn and use different styles of tattoo equipment including machines, needles, tubes, cartridges & pigments. She worked with different items for months to get her coordination down using a tattoo machine before actually tattooing a person. Everything required of her was to assist her in learning the tools to becoming the best artist she can be. Including Customer service and dependability. She started working with clients in January of 2017 and has quickly picked up a following. Emily worked her first couple tattoo conventions throughout 2017. Ms. Emily is a natural artist and has a bright future ahead of her in the Tattoo Industry. Be sure to get in with her now, she's booking out fast!!  You can submit artwork and reference to: tattoomafia@ymail.com For scheduling

Just a little something to make you laugh!

Hanging below the knee.  Completed in one day session by 
Emily Graven.

To see more work by Emily 

Tattoo by Curtis Adamson upper arm.  Flower quarter Sleeve in progress.

To see more work by Curtis 

Tattoo by Ian Tadashi.  A custom design &
a work in progress on full calf.

To see more work by Ian 

Close up of upper back custom watercolor design by Lisa DeLauder. Completed in two full day sessions.

To see more work by Lisa 

Close up of back forearm recent addition to half sleeve by Chris DeLauder

To see more work by Chris

Codi has a massive following, thanks to all the referrals from her amazing clients!   
This inflow of new & existing clients has her planning out her days in advance.  Appointments are now required for all Jewelry changes, consultations and piercings.

This is to allow time with each client so everyone gets the same time & attention.  She stands out for her knowledge and patience with each person she works with.  

Codi is the only piercer in Delaware setting up for each piercing with a totally sterile field.  Including gloves, tools, jewelry and prep packs.  

Usually booking out a week or two in advance.  This tax season may push her schedule out even further.  

Please call ahead to reserve your spot today at:

Top quality Organic Plugs from EVOLVE BODY JEWELRY in Seattle!

We can also help you reach the size you wish to be!  

Give the studio a call for more information on stretching your lobes.  


New wooden plugs in a variety of sizes and colors.  Please call 302-730-3022 for more information or just stop in Wednesday through Saturday from 12 to 8pm!

NeilMed Piercing Aftercare spray is in stock and great for healing piercings as well as healed piercings for cleaning.  

Wound wash is a sterile, cooling spray that will give instant comfort to a fresh piercing and even one that you've had for years that you just happened to sleep on the wrong way.

Recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers.

Tattoo Therapy with Emu Oil 

Recommended for Tattoo Aftercare here at Tattoo Mafia!  Cooling, soothing and will not leave any residue.


If you have a healed tattoo or piercing from one of our artists or piercer, please make time for a photo shoot!  We would love to hear from you.  Each artist likes to photograph their own work when possible.  

To ensure they are available when you stop in Please call 302-730-3022 and ask to set up a photo shoot with the artist that did your tattoo.  The appointment is free, just a little time out of your day.  We are always looking to add healed images to our portfolios.

72 Holly Oak Lane, Units 4 & 5 Dover Delaware, 19904
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