Must Show Valid I.D.

We will not Tattoo anyone under 18 years of age.

Body Piercing ONLY - Under the age of 18 Allowed with proper documentation. Must be accompanied by the parent / legal guardian.  - call ahead for confirmation on requirements and approval. (ID and Signed Notary usually required by the State of DE.)

No children - No exceptions!!

No animals - with exception for service animals (approved by the health department)

Shoes are Required in our Studio.

Anyone suspected to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol will be reported

for public intoxication.

No attitudes- anyone rude to another client or an employee, will not be allowed in this studio.

You are under surveillance on our property

Do not touch your new tattoo or body piercing in this studio without washing your hands before and after.  The transfer of unseen body fluids spread disease.

This includes removing and handling your own jewelry.

Our staff will do that for you.

Tattoo Mafia holds the highest standards in our Industry.

Our rules have been set for your safety as well as our own.