Hello everyone!  We are excited to have finished up this years round of Tattoo Conventions.  Virginia Beach was beautiful and all of our artists stayed busy all three days!!  We're excited to be home and getting back to our usual schedule. 

We will not be working any Conventions in 2018 due to our schedule being booked out so far in advance.  This is our first year in our New location booking out up to a year.  With that much work ahead of us we decided to take a break from conventions so we can focus on the work already scheduled here at our home studio.

Our artists Emily & Curtis still have openings left in 2017.  Ian is booking into 2018 but, is still taking on new clients and projects at this time. 

Chris & Lisa are taking names and information for anyone that would like to go on a waiting list.  When their schedule is less than 6 months out, our studio  will contact those on the list in order as they are submitted to offer openings. 

Anyone interested, just give the studio a call at 302-730-3022 to set up a consultation and get a quote.


Always something New happening here at

Tooth Gems are in this month!  Featuring a gold tooth gem done by Codi at this past Convention in Virginia Beach!  Many styles to choose from and it's a quick and painless procedure.  Just call or stop in to schedule an appointment to have yours done!

To see more Tooth Gems by Codi CLICK HERE

HEALED Daith Piercing with new Jewelry by Codi

To see more piercings by Codi CLICK HERE

New work - HEALED IMAGE of Traditional Girl Head on forearm by Ian Tadashi.


Tattoo below by Ian Tadashi on upper arm taking a full day to complete.

To see more work by Ian CLICK HERE


HEALED IMAGE of Bob's Burger's Tattoo on the ribs by Emily Graven

Trash Polka piece done by Emily on inner forearm.

To see more work by Emily


New work by Curtis Adams on upper arm.


Upper arm in Black and Gray American Flag - HEALED IMAGE completed in one full day session.

To see more by Curtis


Tattoo by Chris DeLauder a work in Progress finishing up a full sleeve.


Full view of lower forearm by Chris, to see more work by him CLICK HERE


Close up of Tattoo in Progress by Lisa DeLauder on upper thigh.  Taking multiple full day sessions to complete.  Tattoo healed with exception of a small strip on the back of the head (hair & leaves).

Full View of upper Thigh - one session left before it's complete!

To see more work by Lisa

Tattoo below by Lisa DeLauder on a Fake Sphynx Cat Mold made by TattooFX.  This was done just for fun and to try out some new color pigments.  Once image is close up and the other shows the original reference for the tattoo.


We had a great time doing our photo shoot for our New Company Photo!  We thought we'd share this fun little gift with you to brighten your day!

Until Next Time!

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