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All New Tooth Gems by Codi Lyn Canasa!

20170113_160125$$.jpgThis is a quick & painless, non-abrasive, semi-permanent procedure! Applied with a dental bond that is safe and approved by the Dental Association,

these gems are professionally bonded onto your tooth with NO damage to your Enamel, EVER! We only use the highest quality dental bond,

crystals, diamonds, and primers. Gems are genuine Swarovski Crystals that have a layer of bond put on them, making some last years!

Typical results are 6 months to 2 years depending on oral care & eating habits. NO PAIN! NO DRILLING! NO DAMAGE!

These tooth gems come in a variety of styles and sizes. Prices vary based on the gem you choose with a minimum installment fee of $75.00.

The procedure takes about 10 mins and is pain free. Codi has gone to the extent of having a consultation with a Dental professional in the

Dover area to ensure that she is not only handling her clients properly, but to also make certain that there are no detrimental effects to the procedure.

She was the first in the state to be approved for and trained in the process, as well as taking the procedure all the way to the Dental Board and

the Surgeon General's office for the State of Delaware. Trust that she has done her research !!

Call or stop in today to set up an appointment for your tooth gem today!! 302-730-3022 Wednesday - Saturday 12noon to 8pm